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Barbara Belmont

Barbara Belmont has been a UNIX user since 1991 and an HTML author since 1996 (thanks to her mentor RA Lloyd). In addition to web design and domain management, she is conversant in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, W3 Accesibility Standards, PayPal interfacing, Word Press theme development, and using Word Press as a Content Management System. Although her favorite authoring tools are Ultra-Edit and Notepad++, she is proficient with Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, NetObjects Fusion, and uses Adobe's InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop Elements for creating documents,graphics and images . Barbara has found web design a satisfying expression of her creative talents and technophilic tendencies, and has helped a number of small organizations start up an internet presence with economical hosting solutions. Barbara's portfolio includes:

R. Arthur Lloyd

R. Arthur Lloyd has been working on the Internet since 1993 - first doing "gopher" sites, then working in HTML. In 1994, he was responsible for establishing a Web presence for theSchool of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study, a website that remains fairly true to his original vision still years after he left for new pastures. Trained as a playwright, but interested in a regular diet and shelter, R. Arthur has been involved with computing since the year Time Magazine declared the PC "Man of the Year" - January, 1983. He presently works on the computer staff at a hi-tech prep school, providing (among other things) support for its Internet presence. R. Arthur currently lives in the artists' community of Roosevelt in central New Jersey, from where he connects to the Internet to help fellow artists and non-profit organizations each develop their own Web niche. His portfolio includes: